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Meaning and Analysis. New Essays on H. Paul Grice

Der lang erwartete Sammelband mit Aufsätzen über Paul Grice, herausgegeben von Klaus Petrus, ist endlich da! Das im Palgrave Macmillan 2010 erschienene Buch enthält Beiträge von folgenden Autorinnen und Autoren:

Klaus Petrus
Introduction: Paul Grice, Philosopher of Language, but more than that

Siobham Chapman
Paul Grice and the Philosophy of Ordinary Language

Jay David Atlas
Intuition and the Two Dogmas of Kant'otelianism: Kripke's Defense of Essentialism and Grice's Defense of the Analytic/Synthetic Distinction

Anne Bezuidenhout
Grice on Presupposition

Wayne A. Davis
Irregular Negations: Implicature and Idiom Theories

Mandy Simons
A Gricean View on Intrusive Implicature

Jennifer Saul
Speaker Meaning, Conversational Implicature, and Calculability

Judith Baker
Some Aspects of Reasons and Rationality

Mitchell Green
Showing and Meaning: On How We Make Our Ideas Clear

Klaus Petrus
Illocution, Perillocution and Communication

Christian Plunze
Speaker Meaning and the Logic of Communicative Acts

Al Martinich
The Total Content of What a Speaker Means

Emma Borg
Three Theories of Implicature: Default Theory, Relevance and Minimalism

Nikola Kompa

Laurence R. Horn
WJ�40: Issues in the Investigation of Implicature


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