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Thursday Meetings (DoKo)

Our Thursday Meetings offer students a forum for presenting and discussing their work with a small audience of students and professors. Topics should be related to the philosophy of language but need not be immediately connected to the "Saying & Meaning" project.

Speakers are expected to provide a paper of 5-20 pages, along with a handout that sums up critical points for discussion, at least one week before the session. Additional literature may be indicated where required.

If you're interested in participating or giving a presentation, tell us so via [email protected] (or use the contact form).

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2 Oct  HS 07 DoKo    
24 Oct  WS 06/07 DoKo    
23 Mar  SS 06 DoKo    
31 Aug  WS 05/06 Thursday Meetings (DoKo)    
21 Mar  SS 05 Thursday Meetings    
4 Dec  WS 04/05 DoKo    

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Thursday Meetings (DoKo)
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